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All-Works-In-Progress Workshop

Schedule: Tuesdays, July 16 – Aug 20, 6 – 8 p.m. Tucson time

Zoom link for all meetings:

Zoom password: awipw

Workshop method:

Agenda for 7/16

  • Introductions! Your name, where you live, and about your creativity: how you’ve expressed creativity in your life, where you’re at now
  • The “why” of this workshop (Cybele)
  • Write-and-share activity: What are your intentions with this workshop? Write for 10 min and then share.
  • Review the workshop method (Cybele) and discuss.
  • Share activity: Please bring something shortish that’s inspiring/informing you these days to share. To be clear, this is not a piece by you but a piece by someone else. It could be a poem, article, song, video, social post, or other. It could be a visual piece or collection of visuals. It should be short enough that you can read it aloud or show/play it within, say, 5 mins.
  • A 15-min break once we’re an hour in (if the first session lasts that long)